Private sessions are tailored to the interests of the client and can be devoted to a specific project or to the development of one’s creative process.

Working one-on-one is an ideal way to dive deeply into dreams or into whatever creative material is on your plate. Whether you are preparing for a role on stage or screen, writing a script, developing a project from the very beginning stages, or simply longing to explore the mysterious symbols of your dreams, coaching is an invaluable resource.

“Prior to working with Ken, my ability to consistently access a deep emotional connection to story and character felt stuck. I knew I needed a new approach. Ken is not only highly adept at laying a path to access the unconscious, but his compassion and keen observational skills make for a safe and wholly satisfying actor/teacher relationship. It is often said that we, as actors, are charged with excavating emotional truths. With Ken, ‘excavating’ becomes a process by which the guide (Ken) leads you straight to the site with the greatest riches, and aids you in carefully and methodically sweeping away the debris to reveal the gold that awaits you.”

Welker W.

Coaching can include:
• preparing a role for stage or for TV/film work
• opening and engaging with dreams
• working with writer’s block
• seeking greater access to one’s capacity for expression
• developing new creative material
• preparing for auditions

Get Started

Ken is available for private coaching sessions in person at the Dreamwork NYC studio in New York City’s West Village, or on set or shooting location. He is also available to meet via Zoom. Contact Ken.