“Ken Barnett is a gift to artists looking for deeper contact with themselves in their creative work. He is an intuitive, intelligent, kind-hearted guide into the subconscious. I feel safe and seen in his hands, and able to explore my dreams and work in a way that feels true. Ever grateful for his guidance in this work.”

Sarah B.

“My work with Ken has impacted my artistic process in profoundly moving ways. Having participated in Ken’s Dream Workshops both in person and on Zoom (both equally effective) and in separate workshops using a personal dream and then a specific character for source material, I found a level of truth and depth that would never have been revealed in a less creative and more intellectual exploration. This work literally opens your eyes and blows open the doors of possibility. Ken is nurturing and supportive and is an incredible resource both personally and professionally. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Jodie M.

“I have had the good fortune to do Creative Dreamwork with Ken over the years both privately and in group sessions and it is always a rich and eventful experience. His presence exudes such depth, humanity and compassion laced with an infectious joy and delight in the work. I leave the sessions with deeper understanding and inner fullness, grateful for the dream, grateful for the unconscious and its generosity, and grateful for Ken.”

Sally S.

“Dreamwork with Ken is absolutely transformational. Ken’s workshop helped me find my way into my work in the deepest and most direct way I’ve experienced in years. Dreamwork bypasses the limitations of thinking about acting preparation, and dives into that so often inaccessible creative pool. Ken is a gentle, respectful and reassuring guide into wonderful realms. I will use this approach in all of my work from here on. Do this; it’s amazing.”

Becky L.

“Prior to working with Ken, my ability to consistently access a deep emotional connection to story and character felt stuck. I knew I needed a new approach. Ken is not only highly adept at laying a path to access the unconscious, but his compassion and keen observational skills make for a safe and wholly satisfying actor/teacher relationship. It is often said that we, as actors, are charged with excavating emotional truths. With Ken, ‘excavating’ becomes a process by which the guide (Ken) leads you straight to the site with the greatest riches, and aids you in carefully and methodically sweeping away the debris to reveal the gold that awaits you.”

Welker W.

“One of the things I enjoy about dreamwork is the opportunity to mindfully and with great sensitivity work with the material my dream offers up and make connections between that material and my day to day life.”

Yael S.

“I love that this work is uniquely birthed from within each of us. Ken guides us to places where we can tap into the limitlessness of our subconscious and just keep digging deeper and deeper. This practice is invaluable and Ken is a marvelous coach and shepherd who holds a safe space so we can go further with our explorations.”

Cindy C.

“I see how profound the work is and how it would be so useful personally and as an artist. It is an amazing tool to create characters from your truth.”

Julio Mascaraque

“Ken is a gifted, gentle, intuitive teacher deeply committed to guiding participants in exploring – free from expectations – the often confusing and chaotic dream landscape we all visit during sleep. I was looking for a ‘portal’ of sorts into my personal subconscious for the purpose of mining ‘whatever comes up’ for organic, creative material to help me in writing. The process stimulated a sense of wonder about the intersection between my imagination and my subconscious. I trust Ken completely. And that trust brings the freedom to risk. Three friends and I created an intimate private class series with him on Zoom during Covid lockdown. It was rich and emotional and, in some ways, perhaps better than being in person as being ‘muted’ at times allowed for a sense of privacy that allowed for more abandon.

Ken was also highly available to reach with a question or concern. He takes time and great thought in his feedback. He is deeply interested in giving each participant an experience of success. If you are looking for a jump start to write or exploring the many aspects of the ‘self’ as an actor I highly recommend this work under his guidance.”

June B.

“Doing Dreamwork with Ken is one of my most important creative touchstones. He provides a safe space for me to become grounded in my body and breath, and then truly open up to my intuition and imagination through guided exercises based on my Dreamwork. We explore, through Ken’s supportive guidance, the dynamics that appear in the dream. All of this becomes a fertile playground that can be applied to whatever artistic endeavor we are working on…acting, writing, painting, life! Doing Dreamwork with Ken has become a sacred way to nourish my artist soul.”

Mandy S.

“To me, practicing dreamwork feels transformative. Both within each session itself, when I can easily feel transported to a different place or time, as well as in its long-lasting effect on my personal and creative life. I’ve always been fascinated by my own dreams, and have often written them down or shared them with others. One of the things I enjoy about dreamwork is the opportunity to mindfully and with great sensitivity work with the material my dream offers up and make connections between that material and my day to day life. That to me was rewarding enough. But on top of that, I’ve found the work to be a simple and powerful way to reconnect with myself as a creative being. I’ve even acquired useful new tools I can use on my own for approaching a new script or role as an actress.”

Yael S.