Current offerings

The December Dreamwork Session

December 10, 2023

In Person in Manhattan at
Lucid Body House
230 Lexington Ave.

Join a workshop and learn how to engage creatively with the rich contents of your dreams. Participants have the opportunity to work deeply and expressively with their own dream material in a safe environment with privacy and rigor. Classwork may involve journal writing, artwork, meditation, breathwork, sense-memory work, and guided embodiment and exploration of the landscape of your dream.

Ken Barnett teaching against a brick wall.

Monthly Drop-In Sessions

Every month Ken will lead a Dreamwork Drop-In Session. These sessions offer the opportunity to practice being in contact with the unconscious and keeping the body and voice free to express what wants to come up from the depths. The Drop-Ins are appropriate for new and returning students.


Workshops are offered regularly for a more in-depth exploration of Dreamwork.


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